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I love to listen to radio stories / podcasts that expose me to perspectives from outside my philosophical neighborhood. This means I’ll listen to people talk about UFOs, Buddhism, car repair, magic, true crime, architecture, and stories from around the world. Often, and this is most interesting to me, I’ll hear a fresh perspective on something that I know well, and be challenged to consider things in a new way. A prime example would be opinions on the Judeo-Christian worldview from any of the above perspectives. Always interesting.

Recently I’ve been listening to Alec Baldwin, the actor, interviewing people on his WNYC show, Here’s the Thing. He’s a good interviewer, and it was fun to hear him talk to another great interviewer on the show: Ira Glass. In the piece, linked to below, there is an interesting, and surprising, moment when Ira talks about why he covers religion to the extent that he does. Short version: every other news outlet’s coverage didn’t match what he knew of the Christians in his life. Sure enough, I’ve always thought that Ira Glass’ This American Life is a great place to hear respectful stories of real people of all kinds. Including my kind.

Note: the part where religion comes up is between about 7 minutes and 12 minutes.


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2015/01/26 at 8:20 pm

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