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Moving indoors, but not before fixing desert

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Maybe it’s a good thing we’ve had our last outdoor gathering for a while. We were eating a LOT of marshmallows around the fire. And not just eating marshmallows, but making the world of campfire deserts a little happier for scouts everywhere …

Some might say that s’mores are perfect and can’t be improved upon. It’s debatable. There are those among us who argue it’s time for an updating. One thing is certain: there is no food that cannot be exhaustively fussed-over by people who love to eat.

Behold the renaissance of the s’more. The ingredients: a graham-cracker-crust cookie-cup invented by Dave, fancy chocolates (chocolate-covered almonds and dark chocolate macaroon bonbons) brought by Brian, waffle and choco-dipped ice-cream cones, and some giant marshmallows. There might also have been some Kaihúa involved with the marshmallows at some point, but that is another foodie blog post.

And, now that we are moving inside (and probably eating less-messy deserts), we close out the summer on the eve of the time-change with a little gallery of sweet treats.


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2014/10/31 at 6:03 pm

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