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Who’s in the room when people gather? Specifically, who’s present when a community gathers in Jesus’ name?

1. A bunch of individuals, each with their own histories, hopes, dreams, and each also uniquely inspired by God

2. A community of people (a different entity than the individuals); that is, a body, directed in some mysterious way by Jesus Christ (who is called the Head of the Body), composed of people, and having the potential to hear, speak, and act as one.

3. The Spirit of God, present to awaken us to the immediately pertinent details of the divine perspective, and to speak through and to us on behalf of the Father and Son.

If these thing seem obvious (because it sounds familiar, because you’ve been to church), ask yourself, “How does this actually work?”. Who are we actually paying attention to in a worship gathering, most of the time? If we learn anything from our school experiences, if we learn anything from the architecture of church, we tend to focus our attention on the people in the front of the room — who tend to be the expert and the talented. This is, at least, normal.

How, in contrast to this, could we honor the above realities? I dream of each of these things being true in a way that sends a shiver down your spine. Really. That we leave each other’s company having really experienced one another as inspired, gifted, people (not just talked about it), having grown in awareness of the mysterious body which is being formed and guided by Christ (not just described it), and having experienced the real presence of the Holy Spirit (not just prayed and asked for things). If just saying something aloud doesn’t necessarily make it real for us, how will we engage in these realities so that every-one is aware of every other one in the room?


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2010/11/07 at 1:48 pm

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