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Emending Fences

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Today, in a dream,
I saw a thing so far
denied to me.
That between my neighbor’s
and my home, there
would only be the shadow
and the dark at night,
and after sunrise
only questions about what might
bring us together. Now my eyes
have seen the dusky pathway
through the green—misty, wide, and lit
by lantern-yellow beams
in the friendly trees—I miss it.

Then, woods lie open: no fence
or line is needed, to remind
where my neighbor’s premise ends,
or to protect what’s mine.



Written by dmaddalena

2014/06/26 at 9:55 pm

Starting Directions To

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This is a poem mashed up with a piece of music … wherein a robot takes over a Glitch Mob song and manages to give directions to a place worth getting to.

I’m imitating the experience of my smartphone interrupting my music to give me directions. I decided to write my own directions, get the computer to read them, and then mash it up with a song with a beat (with apologies to The Glitch Mob, who just made the song, called Fistful of Silence, but had no control over what I did with it).

Listen first (loud), then read the words


Starting directions to
the land that I promise you.
Proceed to the route.
Proceed to the route.
Turn thou neither to the right nor to the left.

Do not be afraid of the desert.

Turn thou neither to the right nor to the left;
nor make up your mind to return to the land
where Pharaoh broke your back …
with bread

In the endless horizontal,
there has always been a pillar
of fire

And after the scorching desert heat by day
and fire by night
only a blind man would miss the cloud.
Proceed to the route.
Proceed to the route.
Proceed to the route.

At dawn,
turn to the east and face the rising sun.
Raise your fist.

At the right moment, open your hand,
to reveal its well-traveled lines to the brightening sky.
And as the heavens read the roadmap of your palm,
know that you have already come

Written by dmaddalena

2014/05/19 at 4:20 pm

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Into The High Holy Place

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[I’ve put out the invitation for friends to write or otherwise create a blessing at the birth of this new community. I may not publish all of these as they arrive, but this is the first, sent by our friend Eric Mathis.]

Into The High Holy Place

Into the high holy place
with teeth glimmering
broad smiles side by side
hair blown back
rocketing into a bright unknown
warm fuzzy feeling moving slowly from your neck down to your toes
seeds in your pockets
from where you’ve been
taking what you know
through the air
finding your best superman
speeding bullet pose
without posing
this is real
your body needs to assume
this position
you must become
physics on your body
immutable laws that change
your position to the earth
your orientation to all that exists
you are learning to fly

And Eric writes,

This is about dynamic change. It is about superhero lifestyles, assuming you will fly to the rescue, you will heal, you will drive out demons, you will stop coming calamities, you will sing songs of hope and inspiration that will give the the bent reed strength to straighten up, live, grow, blossom and thank you in song many years later as it seeds and spreads its young far and wide in a green place made greener by your tender music all those years earlier when you stooped down to sing a song, barely audible to anyone else, but the bended reed who was not neglected and now thanks you. I bless your community of Christians!

Written by dmaddalena

2011/02/16 at 2:07 pm

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