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The project welcomes donations, and all such donations are tax-deductible when made via our mentor organization, ReIMAGINE in San Francisco (a 501(c)3 org that has as a part of its mission the forming of innovative faith communities). Thanks to a generous grant made to cover ReIMAGINE’s work on our behalf, all donations will go entirely to our work.

Download the letter (PDF), originally sent to our mailing list, for information about our current vision for finances and the project. In brief, the current idea is that no member of the project is salaried, but unique work is worthy of pay. So, (to oversimplify it) anyone doing important community work can be reimbursed, and nobody gets paid just for being gifted (because everyone is gifted, and every gift is required in community). Furthermore, community funds are meant to strengthen community, so money is always available to encourage the generosity of community members who see a need, and to help where help is needed.

To donate—two ways: easy-on-line (where a small fee goes to the service); and by check (where the total goes to the project) …

1. Donate via REIMAGINE via JustGive. When you use Just Give, you can pay by credit card, and may set up recurring donations if you want. Select “Other” from the program drop down, and type in Silicon Valley Project when the text box appears. (Within the Just Give interface, you will be able to see ReIMAGINE’s privacy policy for reference.) A fee is collected by Just Give representing a small percentage of your gift.

2. Send a check to ReIMAGINE at P.O. Box 411601, San Francisco, CA 94141-1601 (with Silicon Valley Project in the memo line).

If you want more info, or if you have questions about the project, email us.

The letter: Silicon Valley Project Financial Foundations


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